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The goal of re:TH!NK's Drive Your Bike campaign is to make bicycling more likely to happen. Using active transportation, like biking (or walking), is good for your physical and mental health, is  good for the planet, and can keep a little more money in your wallet! There are several events happening in the Fox Valley to celebrate bicycling season. Join in one today!

Whether it be to work, to the store, to the library or to the park, making a trip by bike can be easier than you think. Use our guide below to help make your trip easier by bike:


Fox Valley Bike Challenge

Fox-Cities-Bike-Challenge1Join the Fox Cities Cycling Association in the Fox Valley Bike Challenge. Its free and easy for all ages and you can ride anywhere – down the street, to work, to school, to the store! Use the STRAVA app to track your miles with your smartphone or log them online. While the challenge period only runs from May-September, anyone can log miles on the National Bike Challenge website or using the smartphone app any time during the year! Ride as part of a challenge, a workplace or school, and/or part of a team. The more people out riding the better it is for everyone!

Check out some great bike riding events planned for the Fox Valley Bike Challenge, and all year long, on the FCCA Facebook page.


Visit these Websites for More Information on How to "Drive Your Bike"

Oshkosh YMCA

Safe Routes to School

University Police

Go Transit Bike N Ride

Bicycle & Pedestrian Plans 

 Bicycle Federation of WI


Bicycle Benefits Program

Receive year-long discounts and rewards at any of these businesses in your neighborhood when your ride your bike there and show a Bicycle Benefits sticker on your bike helmet. Need a sticker? Get one for $5 at most of the participating businesses. More information at

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re:TH!NK is a community coalition supported by the Winnebago County Health Department.
would not exist without our local partner agencies, organizations and community members.